Get notified when customer clicks link in your email

You know the drill: Send sales e-mail. Wait a few days. Call your lead. Find out they have have already forgotten your message.

With ClickNotifi you get notified when the customer visits website from your email. Call them while they remember you!


How it works

1. Add small script to your page

It is as simple as adding Google Analytics and needs to be done only once per site.

2. Enter link and recipient info

The notification email will contain this information so you know who visited your page

3. Copy link to e-mail

The link still points to your site (it does not go through our server)


How does the link look like?

If the orignal link is
then the generated will be

How are you different from url shorteners like

Link from ClickNotifi goes straight to your site. Your client can see where they are heading to which increases chance they click the link.

I have other question

Wheter you need API access, links to PDF files or have other question, please feel free to contact us.